Drive-Fit Splicer Sleeve

PS 8800 Series Drive-Fit Splicer Sleeve

Product Description

The single biggest advantage of using the PS-8800 pipe pile splice is the saving of time due to the ease of application.

The drive fit pipe splicers are pre-cast with taper at the top for easy starting. Especially beneficial where headroom is short and a higher quantity of shorter piles is required.

Splicers are consistently cast for an accurate fit on a wide variety of steel pipe beams and conform to ASTM A27 grade 65/35 specifications.

Weld/Installation Procedure

Slip the end of the splicer onto pipe using the inside taper (tapping with sledge to begin seeding is optional). Bring next piece of pipe over, set in other end of splicer and begin driving. The PS-8800 splicers can be used for vertical, horizontal and batter piles under proper working conditions and are also available in slip fit if needed. Optional welding procedure consists of a 5/16″ fillet with a 70xx series rod around the top and bottom. Both options are great time savers over the traditional full penetration butt weld.

Sizes Available

Construction Supply Company carries a wide range of Drive-Fit Pipe Splicers for a variety of Pipe O.D. and wall thicknesses. Please call or email CSC for specific sizes and/or dimensional drawings.