H-Pile Splicer

HS 1000 Series H-Pile Splicer

Product Description

The single biggest advantage of using the HS-1000 mechanical H-pile sleeve is the saving of time due to ease of application.

The time savings to install a splicer is in no way a compromise of structural integrity, resulting in at least an equal strength connection of beams in relation to a full penetration butt weld.

Splicers are consistently formed for an accurate fit on a wide variety of steel H-pile beams and conform to A572 Grade 50 specifications.

Weld/Installation Procedure

Bevel outside edge of both flanges of material being spliced equal to the thickness of the beam. Cut a 1″ wide x 3″ long slot in the middle of the web and seat the splicer’s spacer completely into the groove. On both corners of both sides of the connected splicer make a total of four – 2-1/2″ x 5/16″ wide welds to secure first half of splicer. Place other beam into slot butt evenly against first beam. Weld outside along full width of both flanges and repeat fillet welds at each corner of both sides of splicer and beam is ready to be driven.

Sizes Available

HS 1000 Series H-Pile Splice Sleeves range in size from the smallest HS 836 through the largest H-Pile beam to the HS 14117. Splicers are built specifically for each particular beam size to ensure proper dimensions and fit are taken into account.

Odd sizes available upon request, including splicers for some Wide-Flange Beams.