Heavy Duty H-Pile Tip With Teeth

HT 3300X Series Heavy Duty H-Pile Tip With Teeth

The HT 3300X Series Heavy –Duty H-Pile Tip w/Teeth is a heavily reinforced driving tip with added mass throughout the web and flange sections for the most extreme rock and hard packed soil conditions. Similar to it’s most commonly used sibling (the HT 3300 Series), the HT 3300X Series tips have two sets of cutting teeth along each flange for all types of sloped and unexpected terrain along with four teeth along the web section for initial impact penetration.

Weld/Installation Procedure

Make necessary cleanup to end of pile to ensure proper fit of tip onto your pile. Using a 70xx series rod, make a single, 5/16″ partial penetration groove weld along the entire outside length of the flange. Repeat weld on other side and tip is secure for driving. Do not weld inside the flange or along the web.

Sizes Available
  • HT 3310X – 10” Heavy-Duty H-Pile Tip w/Teeth
  • HT 3312X – 12” Heavy-Duty H-Pile Tip w/Teeth
  • HT3314X – 14” Heavy-Duty H-Pile Tip w/Teeth