Outside Fit Cutting Shoe

OCS 2200 Series Outside Fit Cutting Shoe

Product Description

The outside fit cutting shoes are easy to install and slip over a wide variety of pipe diameters.

The inside diameter of the shoe is less than or equal to the I.D. of the pipe for the option of drilling out the pipe without the shoe being an obstruction. The cross section of the part line also provides maximum support for the pile under stressful driving conditions.

Shoes are cast with weld chamfer built in so there is no unnecessary on-site prep work needed for installation.

Weld/Installation Procedure

Slip cutting shoe flange onto the outside of the pipe and track-weld. Using 70-xx series rod, make 5/16″ weld in built in chamfer around entire outside diameter of the pipe and you are ready to drive.

Sizes Available

The CSC line of outside fit cutting shoes are designed specifically for those applications where the ID of the shoe is equal or greater than that of the pipe-pile. This ensures once driving is complete the contractor can drill through the center of the pile without any obstruction. As well, CSC carries a wide range of sizes for a variety of pipe-pile diameters.