Slip-Fit Splicer Sleeve

PS 8800S Series Slip-Fit Splicer Sleeve

Product Description

The single biggest advantage to using the PS 8800S Pipe-Pile Splicer is the savings of time due to the ease of application.

Unlike the tapered interior of it’s close relative, the Slip-Fit Pipe Splicer allows for easier placement and setting on the pile as it’s interior is slightly larger than that of the O.D. of the Pipe-Pile all the way down to the center ledge (H dimension). The cast steel splicers provide a tight uniform fit but allow for easier installation without driving the pile(s) together with heavy equipment. A partial penetration groove weld around the top and bottom will seal the splicer in place and driving can once again be resumed.

Splicers are consistently cast for an accurate fit on a wide variety of steel pipe beams and conform to ASTM A27 Grade 65/35 specifications.

Weld/Installation Procedure

lip the splicer on to the end of the pipe, tapping the splicer w/sledge hammer may be needed to ensure the splicer has seeded to the edge of the pipe-pile. Make a continuous 5/16” fillet weld with a 70xx series rod along the entire outside diameter. Bring next piece of pipe over, place into top of splicer and repeat steps. You are now ready to continue driving with a minimal amount of down-time.

Sizes Available

Construction Supply Company carries a wide range of Slip-Fit Pipe Splicers for a variety of Pipe O.D. and wall thicknesses. Please call or email CSC for specific sizes and/or dimensional drawings.