Timber-Pile Point

TPP Series Timber-Pile Point

Product Description

The CSC line of Timber-Pile Points are designed to greatly minimize damage to timber piles while reinforcing the strength of the initial impact and continued obstructions from rock and hard packed soil layers.

Weld/Installation Procedure

Timber-Pile Points are easily installed by scarfing the four edges of the timber-pile to match the interior sections and fitting the point on the end. Then carefully hammer eco-friendly ¼” nails into the four pre-drilled holes on each tip and you are ready to drive.

Sizes Available

– The CSC Timber-Pile Points come in the standard 3/16” or ¼” thick 50,000 yield steel plate. The three most common sizes are the 5-10”, 8-12” and/or 11-15” butts.