Universal Sheet-Pile Protector

SPP 5500 Series Universal Sheet-Pile Protector

Product Description

The SPP 5500 is a Universal Sheet-Pile shoe designed to be used on a variety of different sheets. The 30” straight bar can be measured and cut/torched to desirable lengths based on the length of web and flange and style of sheet. This universal shoe is the most commonly chosen driving point due to it’s ease of application on a wide range of Sheet-Pile manufacturers.

Weld/Installation Procedure

Cut desired lengths to accommodate appropriate web or flange section, run a 5/16” fillet weld using a 70xx series rod along length of both sides of shoe. Repeat for other side and you are ready to drive.

Sizes Available

The Universal Sheet-Pile Protector comes in a 30” straight bar and is easily cut/torched into desired lengths.